1-3 April 2014

Green Carbon Conference

1-3 April 2014, Brussels

The Conference theme of Green Carbon aims to clarify and highlight the often invisible yet vital link between Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) and soil health, and the role this link plays in the sustainability of agricultural production and the flow of ecosystem services. However, the topics to be addressed by the Conference will not be restricted only to the importance of SOC for the overall soil quality and health but also include other sustainability and landscape issues intimately related to the role of soil carbon such as ecosystem functions and services, climate change mitigation and carbon offset, and socio-economic and policy aspects.

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 Book of abstracts, presentations and full papers

You can download the book of abstracts, the presentations and some full papers of the Green Carbon Conference from the Post-Conference tab of our website (


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European Survey

Through this survey, ECAF in partnership with the IAD, wishes to raise awareness of this new approach to agriculture to better understand the interactions among economic, political, environmental and social elements which may serve as motors or brakes in the transition towards real sustainable farming.

 Sustainable Agriculture and YOU

Second Announcement

Please find here the complete Second Announcement of the Green Carbon Conference, summarizing the most relevant information regarding this event.

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LIFE+ Agricarbon Project

Agricarbon has been encouraging the progressive establishment of sustainable agricultural techniques, contributing to the decrease of Greenhouse Gas emissions and the adaptation of agricultural systems to the changing climate due to global warming.

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The European Conservation Agriculture Federation (ECAF) is a non-profit organization comprising fifteen national associations which promotes among Europe's farmers "best practices" of soil management and other aspects of Conservation Agriculture.