1-3 April 2014


1st DAYApril, 1st, 2014
18.00h - 20.00h Registration and welcome cocktail (Marco Polo room)

2nd DAYApril, 2nd, 2014
8.00h - 9.00h Registration (Foyer John Glenn ) & Poster setup (Armstrong room) 
  Opening Session (Armstrong room)
Chair: Gottlieb Basch
9.00h - 10.00h

Welcome address and Opening session

  • Gottlieb Basch
    President of the European Conservation Agriculture Federation (ECAF)
  • Jean-François Sarreau
    President of the French Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (IAD)
  • Artur Runge-Metzger
    Director International and Climate Strategy (DG for Climate Action, European Commission)
  • Claudia Olazábal
    Head of Agriculture, Forests & Soil (DG Environment, European Commission)
  • Hans Herren (Distinguished guest speaker)
    President of The Millennium Institute, Washington DC; Biodivision Foundation, Switzerland; The Right Livelihood Award 2013; World Food Prize Laureate 1995
10.00h - 10.20h

Green Carbon and policy issues

  • Tom Goddard
    Senior Policy Advisor, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Canada
10.20h - 10.30h

Key results of Life+ AGRICARBON project

  • Emilio J. González-Sánchez
    General Secretary of the European Conservation Agriculture Federation (ECAF)
10.30h - 10.45h

A decade of Conservation Agriculture in England

  • Tony Reynolds
    No-till farmer, UK
10.45h - 11.10h Coffee break (Foyer John Glenn) + poster exhibition (Armstrong room)
 Theme 1: Evidence of Carbon sequestration in Europe and Carbon offset potential (Armstrong room)
Chair: Amir Kassam
11.10h - 11.35h

Keynote presentation: Conservation Agriculture, Carbon management, sequestration and offsets in Europe

  • Donald C. Reicosky
    Independent Research Professional,
    Retired Soil Scientist at the Agricultural Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture (ARS-USDA)
11.35h - 12.50h

Oral presentations T1

  1. Carbon sequestration potential in EU agricultural soils: scenario analysis with a new platform of simulation
    Special guest speaker: Emanuele Lugato
    Joint Research Centre, European Commission
  2. Options for Soil Organic Carbon sequestration in Mediterranean Agroecosytems
    Carlos Cantero-Martínez University of Lleida
  3. CO2 sequestration from Italian cultivated land: opportunities, challenges and risks
    Michele Pisante Agronomy and Crop Sciences Research and Education Center, University of Teramo, Italy
  4. Carbon capture and soil biological activity in fruit tree orchards
    Bartolomeo Dichio University of Basilicata
  5. Systematic Review of the Impacts of Land Management on Carbon Sequestration in UK Relevant Soils
    Sarah Buckingham Scotland’s Rural College, UK
12.50h - 13.15h Discussion
13.15h - 14.15h Lunch (Bedford Hotel Restaurant "Le Magellan")
  Theme 2: SOC, Soil Health and Productivity (Armstrong room)
Chair: Bernhard Streit
14.15h - 14.40h

Keynote presentation: Soill Organic Carbon, soil health and productivity

  • João Carlos de Moraes Sá
    Professor at Ponta Grossa University, Brazil
14.40h - 15.55h

Oral presentations T2

  1. Does soil organic matter influence functional soil properties? – A review of published information
    Special guest speaker: Brian Murphy
    Honorary Scientific Fellow, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage
  2. The need for a sustainable and productive agriculture
    Juan González-Valero Head Public Policy and Partnerships. Syngenta
  3. OptiTill – a Danish project on reduced tillage and direct seeding
    Simon Rosendahl Bjorholm LMO Denmark
  4. Role of the cover crops in the soil organic carbon output reduction in olive orchards
    Francisco Márquez-García Rural Engineering Department, University of Cordoba
  5. Soil Fertility and productivity under different crop rotations and systems of fertilization in the Balti steppe of Moldova
    Boris Boincean Aleccu Russo Balti University
15.55h - 16.20h Discussion
16.20h - 16.45h

Coffee break (Foyer John Glenn) + poster exhibition (Armstrong room)

  Special session: Partnership and Commitment for Sustainable Agriculture (Armstrong room)
Chair: Emilio J. González-Sánchez
16.45h - 17.30h
  1. Train Operators to Promote best Practices and Sustainability-PROtection WAter from DIffuse Sources (TOPPS-Prowadis)
    Julio Román-Vázquez Agronomist. Rural Engineering Department, University of Cordoba
  2. European Index for Sustainable Productive Agriculture (InSPiA)
    Paula Triviño-Tarradas Agronomist. European Conservation Agriculture Federation (ECAF)
  3. Hungry for Change
    Jean-Charles Bocquet Director General. European Crop Protection Association (ECPA)
17.30h - 19.00h Main Poster session (Armstrong room)
20.00hGala dinner (La Rose Blanche Restaurant)

3rd DAYApril, 3rd, 2014
  Theme 3: Contribution of SOC to ecosystem functions and landscape management (Armstrong room)
Chair: Michele Pisante
9.00h - 9.25h

Keynote presentation: Contribution of Soil Organic Carbon to Ecosystem Functions and Landscape Management

  • Amir Kassam
    Advisor, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, Rome, Italy and Professor at the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development, Univ. of Reading, UK
9.25h - 10.10h

Oral presentations T3

  1. Natural Infrastructure, Soil Organic Carbon and Ecosystem Services
    Special guest speaker: David Coates
    Secretariat of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (UN-CBD)
  2. Harnessing Ecosystem Services from Agriculture in Brazil and Canada
    François Laurent University of Maine
  3. Functions of biodiversity in carbon cycle and farm management of nature
    Gérard Rass French Association for Conservation Agriculture (APAD)
10.10h - 10.35h Discussion
10.35h - 11.00h Coffee break (Foyer John Glenn) + poster exhibition (Armstrong room)
  Farmers’ testimony session: Harnessing economic and environmental benefits of Conservation Agriculture
Convener: Anna Trettenero, Italy
11.00h - 12.20h
  • Bill Crabtree (Special guest), Australia
  • Benoit Lavier, France
  • Jürg Lauper, Switzerland
  • Maria Gabriela Cruz, Portugal
  • Miguel Barnuevo Rocko, Spain
  • Søren Ilsøe, Denmark
  • Tony Reynolds, United Kingdom
12.20h - 13.00h Discussion
13.00h - 14.00h Lunch (Bedford Hotel Restaurant “Le Magellan”)
 Theme 4: Economic and political aspects of "Carbon farming" (Armstrong room)
Chair: Tom Goddard
14.00h - 14.25h

Keynote presentation: Incentivising the management of soil Carbon

  • Alan Matthews
    Professor Emeritus of the European Agricultural Policy, Trinity College (Dublin), Ireland
14.25h - 15.10h

Oral presentations T4

  1. Soil organic matter – not an environmental issue in Denmark
    Special guest speaker: Bente Andersen
    FRDK, Denmark
  2. Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and agricultural costs by applying No-till & Guide Assistance in arable crops in Southern Spain
    Juan Agüera-Vega Rural Engineering Department, University of Cordoba
  3. Conservation Agriculture: It changes farm practices, tractor and implement designs, for improved efficiency, reduced fuel-consumption and better soil management
    Graham Edwards Trantor International Ltd., UK
15.10h - 15.35h Discussion
15.35h - 16.15h Summing up: outlook and policy implications
Gottlieb Basch and Emilio J. González-Sánchez
16.15h - 17.00h Coffee (Foyer John Glenn) + poster exhibition (Armstrong room)

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